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Keysight Technologies has provided data acquisition solutions for more than twenty-five years. Today Keysight Technologies provides solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, and acoustic applications. All data acquisition solutions are based on industry standard software and modular hardware that can meet your current and future needs.

Electrical and physical measurements (voltage, temperature, pressure and strain)

  • Most Popular: The 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit provides built-in signal conditioning and can measure up to 120 single wire channels
  • Low Cost: The U2300A-series USB data acquisition modules can be used standalone or in combination in U2700A chassis which holds up to 6 modules at a low price.
  • More Channels: The 34980A Multifunction Switch / Measurement Unit - When you need higher channel counts and more speed, the 34980A delivers with 19 modules to choose from.
  • LXI Based: L4400-series switch and control instruments offer high performance switching, digital I/O, D/A converters, counter and more in standalone LXI instruments
  • VXI Based: Keysight Technologies line of VXI products offers more full-featured, instrument-quality modules than any other industry-wide open-standard system architecture.

Mechanical, acoustic and dynamic signal analysis
The 35670A is a versatile FFT analyzer with built in source for general spectrum and network analysis, and for octave, order, and correlation analysis.

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