Consulting Services

Telemetrics has a staff of engineers and quality assurance personnel available for a wide range of technical consulting related to test, measurement, integration and software development. Consulting services range from the practical application of measurement theory and state of the art measurements to managing processes in the metrology environment.

An investment in our Consulting Services can pay for itself many times over. Your payoff is realized in many ways:

  • Speed. You complete projects sooner and get desired results faster by avoiding costly delays and learning curves.
  • Productivity. You increase productivity by optimizing your equipments operation and your teams skills.
  • Quality. You improve the quality of your processes and measurements by avoiding common errors.
  • Cost. You can reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and avoiding the trial-and-error approach

By working with customers in a wide range of industries and academic disciplines for years, Telemetrics Applications Engineering team has developed enormous expertise in a wide range of test and measurement applications. Applications Engineers have helped customers like you by transferring our knowledge to allow you to make the most of your investment.

Telemetrics consultants and engineers provide expert guidance, strategy and direction so you can make the most efficient use of limited time. Our engineers have several years of experience and are familiar with a wide variety of applications and solutions. This is the kind of experience you need, but may not be able to afford in a full-time employee. We offer fresh and valuable insight leveraging over several years of cumulative cross-industry experience.