Systems Integration & Software Development

Telemetrics specializes in the design and development of custom test and measurement, data acquisition and control systems. Since our founding, Telemetrics has supplied several custom turnkey systems for a wide variety of industries.
We work together with our customers as a team to deliver turnkey custom integrated systems fully packaged, documented and supported.

Telemetrics' technical team is experienced in all phases of system development and particularly focuses on system design. Telemetrics' engineers are familiar with advanced system architectures and techniques ideally suited to test and measurement systems across many industries and applications including:
• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Instrumentation
• Measurement and Control
• Motion Control
• Test
• System Validation / Verification / Acceptance

Systems Integration
Telemetrics is experienced in engineering fully integrated systems that treat hardware and software as being equally important to the system design. All of our personnel have experience in real world hardware and software applications and consider both when designing, constructing, testing, and documenting each customer's system.
Our expertise ensures that our customers receive flexible system architectures that can adapt to meet changing requirements throughout the project cycle.

Software Development
Telemetrics' software applications are designed with the future in mind, scalable for growth, multiple simultaneous testing and increased functionality.
• Agilent VEE (Visual Engineering Environment)
• National Instruments LabVIEW
• Instrument Control / IVI Drivers
• C/C++/C#
• Embedded C
• Visual Basic
• Scripting languages (i.e. Tcl / Tk)
• Graphical User Interface
• Data Storage
• Test Data Management
• Test Executives
• Database Interface / SQL
• Report Generation
• Automated Installation

Turn-Key Implementation
Since its founding, Telemetrics has supplied several custom turn-key systems across a wide variety of industries. We work together with our customers as a team to deliver custom integrated systems fully packaged, documented, and supported as if ordered as an off-the-shelf component. Our experience at delivering complex systems to meet aggressive requirements and schedules has developed and refined our internal tools and processes - allowing Telemetrics to consistently deliver quality automated test systems that meet customer's performance, cost and schedule requirements.